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BDP Production Services

BDP is a full service production and imaging house providing cutting edge radio and television production music and imaging work-parts, as well as promos, to the broadcast industry.

Our products cover virtually all formats of Radio (terrestrial and internet) with libraries like:

  • America and America Promos covering all formats of Country radio from Traditional Country to Hot Country.
  • NTS Matrix and NTS Matrix Promos covering the News Talk and Sports formats with every type of production music and imaging required to bring News Talk and Sports that engaging sound that keeps listeners tuned in.
  • Production Matrix and Production Matrix Promos covering all formats of Rock and Alternative these sounds have that rude cutting edge sound that says "It's time to Rock!"
  • Invasion and Invasion Promos covers the Top 40, CHR and AC markets with its large assortment of production music and imaging work-parts.
  • TripQ and TripQ Promos bring the sound of Urban America to all who hear it.
  • G-Spot and G-Spot Promo Shells create that High-Energy dance feel to anyone who is looking to make things move.
  • Spot Builder for those high end promo, movie trailer and commercial sounds required for perfection in marketing.

These are just a few of the creations coming from Brandon D'Amore Productions. With these and more that are released annually the selections are becoming virtually limitless.

BDP aims to provide a complete package to anyone needing production music or imaging work-parts.


Spot Builder (Over 22,000 Tracks)

Great Music Makes the Difference. We believe that great music elevates all production. It empowers producer's creativity and captures the audience. BDP is at the top of the commercial music production business because we get the power of music It is our goal to supercharge your music resources while reigning in costs.

The SpotBuilder is a virtual commercial music powerhouse with over 20,000 tracks of commercial production music, and dozens of tracks added every week. The SpotBuilder specializes in retail music whether you’re building commercials for vacations, restaurants, auto shops or holidays.


BDP gives producers around the clock access to its materials and services through BDP's Online Search System. Below are some of the BDP's Online Search System's key features: 

Audio Search Key Features


  1. BDP's Audio Search is one of the most innovative and intuitive search engines used in today's production world. Users are able to quickly and efficiently search through our vast collection of music by audio type, genre, style and tempo.
  2. Build, create and share up to 1,000 unique playlists per user. Create playlists for specific clients, add your favorite tracks and share these playlists with any other producer/advertiser/account representative in your network.
  3. Create notes that are shared throughout your stations or cluster of stations so that everyone stays organized and aware of what music is being used for each sponsor. These notes are also conveniently searchable by keyword.
  4. Music Supervisor access gives selected users the administration right to add and delete users and run usage reports.
  5. All audio in the BDP Audio Search is made available in 320kbps MP3's and CD quality WAV files.


Audio Search
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